Instructions for installing and configuring PostgreSQL database on Mac OS


1- Download Postgres for Mac OS

To download PostGres you access the following address:
After the download is successful you will have a file in DMG format .

2- Install PostGres

Double-click the file you downloaded in the previous step to begin the installation:
Installing PostGres is very simple, you just have to accept the defaults and click “Next” until it asks you to choose the packages to install:
PostgreSQL Server
The PostgreSQL Server package is the Postgres database .
pgAdmin is a graphical interface that allows you to manage and work with Postgres databases and connect to other Postgres servers .
Stack Builder
Stack Builder is an optional tool that helps you download and install additional libraries and tools for Postgres .
Command Line Tools
Command Line Tools is an option, it will give you tools like libpq, ecpg, pg_basebackup, pg_dump, pg_restore, pg_bench, … which are used to back up and restore the database. Whether, …
Note: Command Line Tools is required if you choose to install pgAdmin .
You can skip Stack Builder and select all other packages, then click “Next” to continue with the installation.
After a successful installation, the installer will ask if you want to use Stack Builder to download additional Postgres- related libraries , if not necessary you can skip this option.
Conversely, if you agree, Stack Builder will display a list of additional libraries and tools to choose from before downloading.
Select a location to store the libraries downloaded by Stack Builder :
And wait for the download to complete.